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We take pride in partnering with these companies that revolutionize healthcare innovation, empower entrepreneurs, and create a vibrant ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas enhance accessibility, efficiency, affordability, and quality of healthcare.

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Portfolio Company Testimony

“Xcellerant’s leadership team has extensive experience in the healthcare and life science industry and is an ideal venture firm for Anuncia Medical to have as mentors through our company’s growth journey. Xcellerant’s investment philosophy aligns with Anuncia Medical’s vision, and we believe they are a strong venture partner to enable us to carry out our vision.”

Elsa Chi Abruzzo, RAC, FRAPS

President and CEO, Anuncia Medical, Inc.

“Beyond Xcellerant’s mission and industry innovation is the way their leadership supports the companies in which they’ve invested. It is not just financial support; it is expertise, advice and overall ability to help guide. Xcellerant is a true strategic partner to help TTI scale Wave Health’s reach and impact.”

Matt Lashey

Creator and CEO, TTI

“The team at Xcellerant Ventures is highly  experienced in building and exiting healthcare tech companies and bring significant operating and strategy expertise to their portfolio companies. The partners are extremely sincere, respectful and care about the founders’ well-being and personal financial outcome equally to the financial opportunity at stake for their venture capital firm.”

Rachel Mertensmeyer

Found and CEO, Rivia Health

Meet the Team

Our founding partners John Shufeldt, Douglas Sylvester, and Chris Yoo bring a combined experience of over seven decades in medical technologies, law, and entrepreneurship. They are founder-focused, and provide hands-on advice, education, and support to increase the likelihood of success of our portfolio companies.

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First time fund managers out-perform established funds—if you have the right GPs. Our GP experience is unique and perfectly aligned with the needs of the healthcare sector. Our GPs network is also unique which helps aid in the success of our portfolio companies. Both access and, once we invest, our connections and experience in this field are perfectly suited to companies looking to be acquired.