Funding the Future of Healthcare Innovation

Invest in Tomorrow’s Transformation


Xcellerant Ventures is a venture capital company that invests in technologies that power the future of healthcare by providing solutions that improve quality, efficiency, access, and delivery of care at lowered costs.

We lead with a people first philosophy. When we put our knowledge, power, and experience into people, we empower entrepreneurs to change the world for the better.

Our Investment Strategy

We are focused on providing early stage funding to healthtech and medtech companies. In addition to working closely with the portfolio companies, we focus on companies that meet the following criteria to further de-risk our investment portfolio.

Dynamic Founders

We pick founders that are humble, willing to take advice, lead from the front, and are driven to change the world for the better.

Rapid Exits

We select companies that generate revenue, have cleared regulatory hurdles, and an expedited path to financial growth.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is a sector ripe for investment driven by the convergence of transformative technologies and the need for improved delivery.

Emerging Technologies

We partner with companies who are dedicated to solving real world problems while improving healthcare quality, accessibility, efficiency and affordability.








Meet the Team

Our founding partners John Shufeldt, Douglas Sylvester, and Chris Yoo bring a combined experience of over seven decades in medical technologies, law, and entrepreneurship. They are founder-focused, and provide hands-on advice, education, and support to increase the likelihood of success of our portfolio companies.

Become a Limited Partner

First time fund managers out-perform established funds—if you have the right GPs. Our GP experience is unique and perfectly aligned with the needs of the healthcare sector. Our GPs network is also unique which helps aid in the success of our portfolio companies. 

Healthcare Sector Focus

Our mission is to Xcellerate healthcare innovation by providing early-stage funding to hyper-growth companies in the healthtech and medtech space.