Become a

Limited Partner

We Xcellerate Investor Returns


Our competitive advantage lies in our exceptional deal flow and decades of domain expertise. Based on our experience and extensive networks, we have the ability to identify founders and companies that have a high liklihood of success.

Benefits of Becoming a Limited Partner:


Investor Friendly

We provide direct access to the GPs, and use a European waterfall, returning 100% of invested capital prior to calculating carry.

Access to Investments

Our team’s reputation and experience allows us to have unparalleled access to great companies, often overlooked by others.

High-Growth Sector

Healthtech and medtech are generally recession-proof and provide a great opportunity to achieve high-yields and portfolio diversification.

Experience and Network

We have a proven track record of success in founding, scaling, investing in, and exiting healthtech and medtech companies.


We are committed to fostering synergistic partnerships between our firm, limited partners, and founders.


We build and nurture long-term relationships based on transparency, reliability, and integrity.

Why Xcellerant Ventures

Our founding partners, John Shufeldt, Doug Sylvester, and Chris Yoo collectively possess over seven decades of experience in medical technologies, law, and entrepreneurship. Their exceptional domain expertise allows us to identify promising businesses that many others do not have the access to and provide invaluable guidance to xcellerate their growth, drive their success, and increase the likelihood of success.

As a healthcare investor, we recognize you want more than just high-returns you want to make a difference. Our investments are focused on companies that are making a positive impact in healthcare by improving healthcare quality, accessibility, efficiency and affordability. We look for companies that are solving real-world problems and making a positive difference in the lives of their customers and communities.

Our Portfolio Companies

We are one of the most active funds in the healthcare sector. We take pride in partnering with these companies that revolutionize healthcare innovation, empower entrepreneurs, and create a vibrant ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas enhance accessibility, efficiency, affordability, and quality of healthcare.