Meet Lenoss Medical

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Value Proposition

Lenoss Medical offers the only non-cement solution to treat spinal fractures by offering a biological solution which allows the fracture to be supplemented with new bone and induce new bone formation. The product is 100% biological natural bone, allowing for physiological fracture repair while completely eliminating all risks associated with the current standard of care, liquid epoxy bone cement.

Dom Messerli

President & CEO


Lenoss Medical offers a biological solution that disrupts the treatment of spinal fractures with the OsteoPearl VBA System. This is a minimally invasive and cement-free technology that utilizes the natural healing properties of healthy bone.

Why We Invested

Lenoss Medical has developed a simple solution to improve the standard of care for osteoporotic patients. Also, Dom has assembled a strong executive team with years of industry experience that we believe can overcome obstacles to improve quality of care.


CEO and Founder Dom Messerli has 28 years of spinal device success, to include 20+ successful product launches.

The OsteoPearl VBA System is the first and only fully biological solution for treating VCFs. By using a biologic to fill the cavity, a regenerative phenomenon occurs, new bone begins to grow – and gradual healing of the affected vertebrae is achieved.