Meet Tesis Biosciences

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Value Proposition

Tesis Biosciences revolutionizes chronic disease management through groundbreaking approaches to targeted genetic sequencing and comprehensive genetic data collection.

Ronald Kind

Founder and CEO


Tesis uses a genetically integrated medical platform to perform high-complexity testing. Our experienced team specializes in creating next-generation sequencing panels to identify changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins. We customize our panels, equipment and workflows to address our partners’ objectives and better identify predictors of specific chronic diseases.

Why We Invested

We invested in Tesis Bioscience because personalized medicine is the future of high quality, cost effective healthcare and Tesis is on the cutting edge of genetic testing and data aggregation. Tesis arms patients and physicians with genetically determined diagnoses and treatments specifically designed for them and their disease process.


Tesis announced a partnership with Frontier Management, one of the largest senior housing providers in the U.S., under which Tesis will be the exclusive provider of pharmacogenetic testing for residents of the company’s communities. Furthermore, Tesis was selected by Pathways Health Partners to provide member practices with next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing and precision medicine services for the detection and prevention of chronic and hereditary conditions in patients.