Meet TruLite Health

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Value Proposition

TruLite Health is the only company focused on improving clinical outcomes by driving multi-level interventions at the point of care to address health equity.

Alan Roga, MD, FACEP

Co-Founder and CEO

Shaung Liu

Co-Founder and CTO


TruLite Health offers the industry’s first comprehensive health equity platform to spark change, reduce bias, build trust, and promote transformational clinical, social, and behavioral interventions for diverse populations at the point of care. Truity™ is the markets first comprehensive health equity platform and brings together the largest proprietary clinical health equity knowledge base and recommendations with patient-specific clinical and social data sets, and makes it actionable driving patient specific clinical, social, behavioral interventions at the point of care.

Why We Invested

We invested in TruLite Health due to its commitment to health equity, its innovative Truity™ platform, our personal knowledge and history with the founder, and the growing market demand for solutions addressing healthcare disparities.


TruLite Health was selected as 1 of 9 international startups to participate in the 2023 Mayo Clinic and ASU MedTech Accelerator Program. They also signed the World Economic Forum’s Zero Health Gaps Pledge, the world’s first global, multi-sector health equity pledge. In addition, through the Truity™ platform, TruLite will make strides in addressing systemic racism through comprehensive organizational and community solutions designed to address health equity.