Why Xcellerant Ventures Invested in Lenoss Medical

The Xcellerant Venture’s team proudly welcomes Lenoss Medical as our 9th portfolio company in Xcellerant Ventures Fund 1. The enthusiasm surrounding their groundbreaking technology is nothing short of exhilarating. In the realm of spinal vertebral compression fracture treatment, their OsteoPearl Vertebral Body Augmentation (VBA) System signifies a monumental paradigm shift, and we are excited to see how it will redefine the standard of care for patients. This is because Lenoss Medical’s biological implant provides natural bone where new bone is needed most and allows for natural fracture healing while eliminating intra-operative epoxy cement leakage risks, toxic fumes and associated clinical problems. 

Here is why our decision to support Lenoss Medical is a strategic one: 

1. Disrupting the Status Quo: 

Lenoss Medical boldly disrupts the conventional landscape of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture treatment, which uses epoxy to stabilize the fractured vertebral body. The OsteoPearl VBA System introduces a minimally invasive, biological, and epoxy-free solution, offering immediate stabilization to the fractured vertebral body while fostering a natural environment for fracture healing to occur.  

2. Addressing a Vast Need: 

With millions worldwide grappling with osteoporotic spinal fractures, Lenoss Medical’s innovative technology addresses a growing and unmet need, for those diagnosed with vertebral compression fractures. This presents a substantial market opportunity, positioning the company for significant growth and a positive, far-reaching impact.  

3. Strong Competitive Advantage: 

Lenoss Medical has reached several key business goals such as 3 years of clinical use, commercially available with over 45 procedures performed, granted patents on several clinical applications, reimbursement coverage and securing strategic exclusive partnerships. 

4. Experienced Team at the Helm: 

At the heart of Lenoss Medical is a team of seasoned industry veterans in the medical device realm. Their wealth of expertise and a proven track record instil confidence in their ability to navigate the market intricacies and attain success. Their founder, Dom Messerli himself has 28 years of spinal device success, which includes 20+ successful product launches. 

We fervently believe in Lenoss Medical’s vision—to disrupt the treatment of osteoporotic spinal vertebral compression fractures through natural solutions to create better patient outcomes. We eagerly stand by them as they embark on their journey to establish themselves as leaders in this space, delivering substantial value to our stakeholders. In addition, Lenoss Medical recently won the second annual ASU InvestU HealthTech Startup Pitch Event and is now opening a satellite office in Phoenix, AZ to service the western United States. 

Incorporating Lenoss Medical into our portfolio fortifies our dedication to investing in disruptive healthcare technologies. This ninth investment represents a pivotal moment, poised to be a game changer in the spine field and a formidable catalyst for success within our firm. 

You can view our official press release about our investment in Lenoss Medical on Business Wire. 

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