Why Xcellerant Ventures Invested in CRISPR QC

The Xcellerant Venture’s team is proud to lead a Series A funding round for CRISPR QC, the San Diego-based biotechnology company that has developed the world’s first and only CRISPR Analytics Platform.  This platform empowers researchers with the interrogative data around CRISPR needed to accelerate the development of therapies and agricultural advancements globally.    

CRISPR QC is our 10th investment for Xcellerant Ventures Fund 1 and this decision is attractive for several reasons:

1. Disruptive Technology with Tangible Impact:

CRISPR-Chip technology is a game-changer. It addresses a critical bottleneck in gene editing workflows – accurate and high-throughput quality control. This is not just theoretical; it is already empowering researchers to achieve breakthroughs in fields like:

  • Therapeutic medicine: Faster development of gene therapies for diseases like cancer and genetic disorders. 
  • Sustainable agriculture: Engineering crops with improved yields and resilience to climate change. 
  • Biomanufacturing: Optimizing cell lines for efficient production of valuable biopharmaceuticals. 

2. Strong Market Traction and Future Growth:

The global gene editing market is projected to reach $10.6 billion by 2028, and CRISPR QC is poised to capture a significant share. Their technology caters to a wide range of applications, across academia, pharma, and agriculture, ensuring a diverse and growing customer base. Furthermore, with new crops and therapies coming quickly to market, there will be a growing need for the interrogative data that CRISPR QC provides. Ross Bundy, co-founder of CRISPR QC, spoke on this in their earlier press release: “As the FDA just approved the first CRISPR therapy, its proven clinical utility will power the field’s growth. However, the brute-force methods to develop this therapy are expensive and cost prohibitive, and safety concerns regarding these therapies linger on. CRISPR QC’s Analytics Platform is needed now more than ever.”

3. Visionary Leadership and Proven Track Record:

The CRISPR QC team is composed of renowned scientists and seasoned entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the gene editing landscape. Their past successes in developing and commercializing innovative technologies inspire confidence in their ability to execute and scale.

4. Investment in the Future of Healthcare and Beyond:

CRISPR technology holds the potential to revolutionize medicine, agriculture, and even industrial processes. By supporting CRISPR QC, we are not just investing in a company, we are investing in the future of these critical sectors. With their disruptive technology, strong market positioning, and experienced team, CRISPR QC has the potential to become a dominant player in the gene editing space. 

5. Arizona Expansion:

By bringing an office to Arizona, CRISPR QC will be able to leverage the growing expertise and talent in the medical device industry in Arizona. Also, Arizona’s collaborative environment, strategic investments, focus on specific domains, and diverse population all contribute to its growing leadership in healthcare innovation. The state is well-positioned to continue developing and implementing cutting-edge healthcare solutions, benefiting not only its residents but also the wider healthcare landscape.

In conclusion, CRISPR QC ticks all the boxes for a high-potential, high-impact investment. Their innovative technology, addressable market, and visionary leadership make them a genuinely exciting prospect. We believe that investing in CRISPR QC has the potential to be a game-changer not just for our portfolio, but for the future of gene editing and the advancements it promises. 

You can view our offical press release about our investment in CRISPR QC on Business Wire.

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