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Why Xcellerant Ventures

We firmly believe that founders deserve more than just a check. In fact, investors should empower founds to help promote a vibrant ecosystem that allows groundbreaking ideas to enhance accessibility, efficiency, affordability, and quality of healthcare.

Futhermore, our GPs’ experience is unique and perfectly aligned with the needs of the market. They bring a combined experience of over seven decades in medical technologies, law, and entrepreneurship.

Through their personal experience, domain expertise, and unique network, they provide hands-on advice, education, and invaluable guidance to xcellerate startups and drive their success.

Founder Focus

We believe that the quality of the founders makes a huge difference in creating and fostering a successful partnership. We pick founders that are humble, willing to take advice, lead from the front, and are driven to change the world.

Moreover, we actively seek out founders and companies that have been overlooked by other venture capitalists, providing opportunities, expertise, and funding to individuals who have been traditionally underrepresented in the innovation economy.