RX47: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Uli Chettipally, MD, MPH, Founder at Sirica Therapeutics, Founder and President at InnovatorMD

Welcome again to Entrepreneur Rx! In this episode, John Shufeldt is honored to host Uli Chettipally, an emergency physician, researcher, innovator, and author, founder of InnovatorMD and Sirica Therapeutics. Uli walks us through his career and the different entrepreneurial ventures he’s had over the years in the healthcare technology space. Most prominently, he talks about his work at Kaiser Permanent, his current startup Sirica Therapeutics, and the work done by the InnovatorMD community. He explains how Sirica Therapeutics comes from being inspired by his daughter, who has autism, to create an engaging physical device enhanced with virtual reality to provide task-oriented therapy for people with all kinds of degenerative developmental or acquired disorders of the brain. Uli also explains how InnovatorMD is a community that seeks to help physicians share their ideas with the world and get resources, through different options available, to take them to market. Join this episode to learn how Uli Chettpally caught the entrepreneurship bug and where that took him!