RX46: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Mary O’Connor, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vori Health

Welcome to yet a new edition of Entrepreneur Rx! In this episode, John Shufeldt is honored to host Mary O’Connor, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vori Health, a virtual musculoskeletal company led by physicians whose mission is to guide humanity to a better and healthier life. Mary talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and physician, how her whole life has been themed-centered, and the challenges she has faced trying to decrease inequities in healthcare. She also reflects on her years at Mayo Clinic and at Yale, how mentors and colleagues were essential for her success, how the process of Vori Health came to be, and how they are changing the system to give non-surgical care to people. Join this episode full of insights into the healthcare system and how it functions!