RX38: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Pamela Sullivan, MD, Chief Clinical Officer at Landmark Health

John had a spectacular time chatting with Dr. Pam Sullivan in this episode, she is the Chief Clinical Officer of Education and Lifecycle Operations at Landmark Health. Landmark Health is a company that approaches care using the patient’s personal health characteristics, not historical utilization, they work with and for patients with multiple chronic health conditions that rely on a hospital’s emergency room as their primary source of care. Dr. Pam goes over her experience working two full-time jobs and the pivotal moment when she asked herself what could she do to make things better, dealing with imposter syndrome, and her take on leadership and company culture. Landmark has a special team that travels across the country and Pam shares how she hires for this team, and how important it is to be truly moved by a company’s mission, vision, and purpose, so please tune in to this wonderful interview full of insightful tips around leadership and entrepreneurship!