RX35: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Amy Baxter, MD, FAAP, FACEP, CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Pain Care Labs

This week on Entrepreneur Rx, John has the pleasure of speaking with Amy Baxter, a double-boarded pediatric emergency physician, inventor, entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO at Pain Care Labs. Pain Care Labs created Buzzy and VibraCool, pain relief solutions that are helping people manage their pain without any drugs - all while being noninvasive compared to traditional methods like injections or surgeries. Dr. Baxter talks about her impressive medical background, her love for research and academia, and her current focus which is managing pain using a multimodal pain device to stop people from starting their opioids. She also traces her entrepreneurial efforts and recounts her interesting experience with Shark Tank. Learn more about needle fear and how to find funding for your research in this fast-paced conversation with Dr. Baxter. Please tune in!