RX33: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Erik Kulstad, MD, MS, Co-Founder and CMO of Attune Medical

In this episode of Entrepreneur Rx, John has the incredible opportunity of chatting with Erik Kulstad, a healthcare professional with an incredible background, co-founder of Attune Medical, and Associate Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Attune Medical is a company that is committed to advancing temperature management therapy in all clinical contexts with three pillars in mind: clinical needs, the state of science, and patient safety. Together, they talk about the entrepreneurial path that Erik has taken, how he got into medicine after some years as an auto mechanic and chemical engineer, how the device they’ve created is helping patients, their pros and cons, and ultimately what else they’re currently developing. Erik also covers a little bit of the story of the patent process and starting the company, how doctors worldwide have been using their technology and his piece of advice for newcomer entrepreneurs.