RX31: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Dr. Richard E Moore, Medical Director and Owner at The Edge for Men and The Lifestyle Center

In this episode of Entrepreneur Rx, John had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Richard Moore, an internal medicine hospitalist, pioneer, and national speaker in the field of minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures, owner and medical director at The Lifestyle Center, and founder and medical director at The Edge for Men. Dr. Moore shares his business background and how he transitioned from the medical field as an internist to become an entrepreneur. He also talks about the challenges of establishing a business that was quite ahead of its time and how he pivoted to aesthetic services; How to deal with competition, the evolution of non-invasive body sculpting devices and procedures, and how to manage your own business. Tune in to this episode and learn more about the aesthetic and med spa business in this informative conversation with Dr. Moore.