RX28: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Dr. Tracy Gapin, Founder of Gapin Institute | Founder & CMO at ONOV

Welcome to another episode of Entrepreneur RX. John had the honor to interview Dr. Tracy Gapin, a board-certified physician, urologist, founder of the Gapin Institute, founder and CMO at ONOVI, author, and entrepreneur. With the Gapin Institute and ONOVI, Dr. Gapin is helping men live healthier, increase their performance, and be in charge of their lives. Dr. Gapin reflects on his journey from physician to entrepreneur. He tells us how he took the reigns of the use of robotics in Sarasota, coining some concepts that are now resounding across the medical fields, creating awareness about the men’s health pandemic we are going through, and how he can help you get healthier. Tune in to this episode and enjoy listening to Dr. Tracy Gapin’s incredible journey from physician to entrepreneur.