Our Companies

AdviNow seeks to revolutionize the scheduling and check-in process for clinics. With dynamic scheduling, an AI chatbot, check-in via text, and algorithmic triage, they stand at the forefront of clinical automation, providing a smooth and superior experience for patients and providers alike.

Anuncia Medical has developed the ReFlow Ventricular System, which solves one of the most difficult problems in the treatment of hydrocephalus: a non-flowing shunt. With ReFlow, invasive brain surgery is replaced by the simple push of a button. 

Nanodropper is a company brilliant in its simplicity. By creating a special adapter for eyedroppers, they have tripled the effective life of ocular medications… For a price point  that guarantees availability and allows providers and patients alike to benefit from cheaper, more long-lasting medications.

Both patients and healthcare providers suffer from inefficiencies in healthcare payments systems. Rivia Health promises to change all that, by providing an easy portal for patients to pay and by taking billing stress entirely off of providers. 

Our first investment, Tesis, is an exciting opportunity engaged in testing for traumatic brain injuries, targeted genetic sequencing, and cutting-edge assay development. With a wide and growing selection of partners, Tesis represents a step forward in the rapidly growing genetic testing industry.

TTI Care’s flagship product, Wave Health, is an innovative Patient-Reported Outcomes system that smooths the process of recording and acting upon all the data generated in a patient’s day-to-day life. In turn, this large data collection allows healthcare providers to monitor and adjust treatment programs for cancer and over 200 chronic illnesses, making  finding the best treatment modality easy.